The Brooklyn side tables are available in two shapes and various sizes and finishes. The perfect way to add a contemporary touch to any home. Brooklyn carefully walks the line between modern and classic, representing the aesthetic that Classique Furniture has become known for.

The mix of metal resin offers a very industrial/commercial application offering a softness with form and balance.


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Brooklyn side table

  • Side Round Table










    Diameter    500 mm

    Height        490 mm

    Plinth H      100 mm


    Wood: MDF

    Top: Metalier Bronze Hessian (Woven) Finish

    Base: Metalier Black Copper Smooth Finish


    Side Square Table











    Length        450 mm

    Width          450 mm

    Height         460 mm

    Plinth H       100 mm


    Wood for Top: Quarter Cut Oak Veneer

    Finish: Smoky Oak

    Wood for Base: MDF

    Finish: Metalier Bronze Smooth finish